Colombia’s capital and largest city, Bogotá is a study in contrasts. Spanish-style houses sit next to modern buildings, while colonial treasures hide in vibrant green landscapes. For a taste of the past, head straight for La Candelaria, the historical and cultural heart of the city. Here, you can tour government buildings like Casa de Nariño and the presidential palace, walk through Plaza de Bolívar, and stand in awe of the Catedral Primada de Colombia. For more to marvel at, make time to hike Monserrate where you’ll see the church and sweeping city views at the summit.

Elsewhere in Bogotá, museums offer another way into the city’s story. A national monument, the Gold Museum features pieces crafted by goldsmiths, lithic objects, ceramics, precious stones, and textiles from indigenous cultures. The Botero Museum is full of the famous figurative works by the locally born artist and sculptor, while the National Museum of Colombia—the oldest in the country—combines art, history, archeology, and ethnography..

Anyone who visited Bogotá even 5 years ago will notice a remarkable change.  This gritty capital is a must for city lovers and it welcomes visitors with a constant trickle of new restaurants, bars, and boutique hotels. On the exploration side, there’s something for everyone – colonial and contemporary art, the views from Monserrate, the parks of Bogota’s fashionable neighborhoods, and nearby mountain hikes.  

The street art scene has exploded since Bogotá decriminalized graffiti in 2011, resulting in a veritable open-air art gallery across the city.  The art is everywhere and hard to miss, but a specialist guide (often an artist him/herself) can help you see the best work by some of the world’s best-known street artists.



A leader in sustainable tourism, this Latin American country offers nature in spades, plus a fascinating history and vibrant culture that rewards all travelers. Forbes considers Colombia as one the top 3 most beautiful countries in the world with enough options to repeat amd discover a new region with each visit. What is considered the most biodiverse country per square kilometer in the world has become the preferred destination of a curious, educated, and diverse US traveler, according to a study conducted by Destination Analyst. Colombia has a unique appeal that combines ravishing nature and wellness, authenticity, ancestral traditions, and a progressive and sophisticated culture that embraces sustainability with reverence. It's the trendiest destination, yet uncrowded

Only now is word starting to get out about Colombia as a spectacular travel destination, meaning you can still have an experience largely devoid of the big crowds in some Latin American hotspots.  In restaurants, boutiques and museums, you’ll find yourself surrounded by lots of locals, and rarely have to stand in a long line….unless you’re headed to a soccer game or waiting to get into a hot nightclub!

Because Colombia is not (yet) overrun with tourism, and because Colombians are so welcoming, it’s much easier to go beyond surface impressions and have meaningful, authentic experiences.  Whether tasting the best street food, trying your hand at the traditional game tejo, or meeting former combatants to learn firsthand just how far the country has come, you’ll have the chance to connect and see the real Colombia. 

This is just the icing on the cake, but upscale travelers will find that Colombia offers an exceptionally good value. There are world-class boutique luxury hotels, dining, and unforgettable experiences that all cost significantly less than comparable options elsewhere in Latin America.


A Journey of Purpose & Discovery: Colombia

Journey Leader: Nicola Balmain. Nanda Journeys Founder.

Travel Dates: FALL 2024 COMING SOON

Gastroenterology & Healthcare Journey - Colombia

Journey Leader: ​Dr. Jay Popp

Travel Dates: ​September 15-25, 2024 


Until not long ago the epicenter of the war on drugs, Medellin today is a city reborn.  Its impressive new cable car system, linking the once-remote working class hillside communities to the city center, has been a source of economic growth and is also a tourist draw as it connects to a mountaintop nature reserve. Cultural institutions such as the Parque Biblioteca España were built in areas formerly riddled with drug violence to facilitate social and economic change, and are one of many reasons why Medellin was recognized in 2013 as the world’s most innovative city.  Being Colombia, the locals are of course friendly and eager to show off the transformation of their city!

​Ingenuity is a quality which the people of Antioquia prize, so it is not surprising that in 2013 Medellín was named the most innovative city in the world in the Wall Street Journal's City of the Year Contest. The 'City of Eternal Spring' is also notable for the wide range of goods on offer for those who like modern shopping malls.

​Visitors can witness the changes in places like Comuna 13, where they can learn from the local community and see how tourism can be an engine of social transformation with new infrastructure fueling street art and performances and walking tours. 

​Medellin weather is perfect. The temperature begins to drop at 1,000 m above sea level to an average of 22°C (71,6 °F), and for this reason it is known as ‘The City of Eternal Spring’. Thanks to its location, beautiful flowers bloom, hence why it is known by its Flower Festival and its stunning parks and gardens.

COLOMBIA. Let us take you there.

In Cartagena, travelers can look forward to historic architecture, lively nightlife, cultural festivals, and beautiful beaches. Visit important buildings like San Felipe de Barajas Castle and Santa Catalina de Alejandría Cathedral, hike up Cerro de La Popa for stunning city views, or stroll along the old city walls, admiring the sunset over the Caribbean Sea. To learn more about the city, you can even book a private tour of a museum or a house designated as a World Heritage Site, or indulge in experiences like private shopping trips, cooking lessons, and more.

Cartagena is also known for its unique accommodations, from boutique hotels to private houses with charming colonial architecture. Such stays offer a high level of service but very low occupancy, allowing for proper social distancing and plenty of privacy. 

More than 2 million visitors arrive by air or sea to Cartagena every year, and with good reason – this is perhaps the spectacular, well-preserved former Spanish colonial outpost in the Caribbean.  With its impeccable walled city, the bohemian Getsemani neighborhood, and the neighboring islands of white sand beaches, its easy to see why many consider Cartagena to be Colombia’s crowning jewel.

Cartagena is located on the Colombian Caribbean coast and, as such, is surrounded by a series of stunning beaches and islands. There are nice city beaches in the Bocagrande and La Boquilla neighborhoods, but true sun-worshippers will want to jump on a boat and pay a visit to Playa Blanca, Isla Grande, Tierra Bomba or the Rosario Islands (also a national park) to bask in the warm sun of an idyllic Caribbean beach.


COLOMBIA - an exciting and emerging destination. Let us take you there. 

Nanda Journeys is dedicated to bringing you exciting and new destinations that allow you to explore a country in a meaningful and authentic way. We also like to get you ahead of the crowds and believe now is the right time to explore Colombia before the world discovers just how amazing it is! Is the destination safe? A question we hear all the time and while we cannot guarantee your safety anywhere in the world, we believe Colombia is as safe as any of the destinations featured in our portfolio. We spend time vetting the destination, our partners and our activities. We have been friends with our local partner, PURE Colombia for many years and feel now is the perfect time to introduce our clients to Colombia. Let us take you there