Our Journeys of Purpose and Discovery are highly immersive travel experiences that allow travelers of all ages and backgrounds, to go beyond typical tourist activities and truly connect with the people. At Nanda Journeys, we believe in global citizenship and giving back to the communities and people we visit. These experiences are an opportunity to connect with global communities; share dinner with a family; learn about the education, health and social structures within a community; and enjoy unique experiences such as cooking classes, dance lessons or a neighborhood block party! Go beyond the guide books as you truly connect and engage with the people and the culture. 

Nanda Journeys tailor makes each journey to meet your specific travel goals - call us today 1-888-747-888 or drop us an email info@nandajourneys.com for your FREE no obligation quote. Let us change your world!

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Cultural Journey to Bhutan

Leader: YOU - call and chat with us about this journey to Bhutan - program can be customized to your specific interests

Understanding the Cuban Lifestyle through Photography, Music, the Arts, and Culture

Leader: Tom Jacobs

Travel Dates: October 19 -27, 2018


Food, Wine & Cultural Journey to South India

Leader: Liam Mayclem & Anjan Mitra

Date: February 25 - March 8, 2018 

Journey of Purpose and Discovery Tanzania

Leader: YOU - call and chat with us about this journey to Tanzania - program can be customized to your specific interests

Cultural Journey to Cuba‚Äč

Leader: Dr. Clint Dorn

Travel Dates: April 13-21, 2018




Food, Wine and Cultural Journey to Argentina

Leader: Dr. Bruce Becker

Travel Dates: April 20-29, 2018