The Arts: Crafted travel for everyone from artisans to foodies

Have you ever wanted to explore the wine regions of France, New Zealand, South Africa or maybe Chile? Paint or photograph the glorious Italian countryside with your fellow artists and friends? Take authentic Argentinian Tango classes? We can create a bespoke program for you that will include all of the key elements to make your journey memorable! We can promise that your journey will be unique, filled with opportunities to meet, dine with and work alongside locals who are eager to share their culture with you. 

Let Nanda Journeys take you on an adventure beyond compare. Our travel experiences focus on a specific theme, bringing travelers together to explore the world, support the global community and immerse in local culture. Whether you want to practice yoga in Asia, meet career professionals in Africa, bask in the culinary delights of Europe, photograph or paint the flora and fauna of South America, dive or surf in the glorious South Pacific, Nanda Journeys has you covered! 

Each program can be tailored to a groups specific needs. Join an existing group, or, if you would like to lead your own group, call us and ask us how!

Journey of Purpose and Discovery: Immersive journeys with a behind the scenes feel

Our Journeys of Purpose and Discovery allow travelers to truly become immersed in the local culture. Imagine engaging in conversation over a home-cooked meal, joining fellow community members in performing a service that gives back to the locals, staying on and helping at a rural farm, and participating in local community events! Our goal is to ensure you engage with communities and people to get a true sense of the country you are visiting. Don’t worry, you won’t miss any of the iconic, ‘must see’ locations…but we can assure you they won’t be the highlight!

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Career Enrichment: Building global connections
As the World is getting smaller and the need to have strong networks and connections globally increases, what better way to enhance your career or simply stay involved if you are retired, than taking a Nanda Journey. Our Journeys are designed to enhance both your personal and professional life all at once. Share your professional knowledge with the world and learn from your global counterparts. Nanda Journeys offers itineraries in the following professions: Medicine, Law, Education, Business, Science & Technology. 

Yoga, Health & Wellness: Focus on your health and well-being and expanding your cultural connections

The art of yoga was perfected and practiced in India thousands of years ago and the foundations of yoga philosophy can be traced back to around 200 AD. Today over 20 million adult American's participate in some form of yoga and the numbers are growing fast. Nanda Journeys proudly offers you two exclusive journeys  to Yoga's birth country, India and one journey to Costa Rica. Each journey will include the opportunity to practice yoga, nourish your mind, body and soul, explore the icons of your chosen destination, live like a local and also practice Karma Yoga by giving back, through service to a local community.