Unique access and experiences

Take a look at our itineraries: each one brings to life the country and its people in a different way, bringing new perspectives on your profession to light.
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Team of support

You’re never in this alone: from pre-travel to post-travel, we’re here to help guide you through the experience and make it your own, unique exchange.

Lifelong and life-changing friendships and connections
We have heard, time and again, that the friendships forged and connections made truly add up to a life-altering experience. You never know who you will connect with or what impact it will have.

We let you “lead” and enjoy the experience
With a team to manage your travel, and in-country guides to assist throughout, the 24/7 support if the unexpected happens is reassuring and helpful when needed.

Free or deeply discounted travel. 
As the journey leader you can travel for FREE depending on the number of guests that will join you. Call us today to learn more and get started designing your dream journey. 

What makes Nanda Journeys unique?

What’s in it for me?

Giving back

Giving back and engaging with the local community is an important part of any Nanda Journey program. A portion of our proceeds are donated to specific community entities. Spend time with local non-profit and community groups, exploring the needs of the region(s) visited. You will truly be making a difference.


Founded by an avid traveler and expert team with over 25 years in the travel industry, Nanda Journeys creates immersive and engaging travel experiences for those looking for authentic travel, stepping beyond the tourist scene.

Thomas Barrett , Ph.D. 
Clinical Professor (Retired)
Graduate School of Professional Psychology, University of Denver

I'm ready to lead! Get started now.

I'm leading my sixth program this fall.

Professionally relevant

Meet with high-level counterparts in your specific field of interest. Nanda Journeys creates both vocational and avocational journeys in such fields as: Law, Medicine, Education, Social Sciences, Business, Photographic Arts, Culinary Arts to name a few. Opportunities to both teach and learn take place on our journeys. See your profession behind the scenes, build your global network, and stay ahead of peers for a truly global perspective of your industry. Continuing education credits are included for specific healthcare focused journeys.

Who is a Nanda Journeys leader?

An avid traveler, inclusive personality, flexibility is key, well-known in professional circles, willing to assist in group formation & implementation, engaging perspective & openness to new cultures.

Your role and responsibilities include:

  • Pre-invitation: using your expertise in the profession, provide a mission statement and goals to aid in developing the professional content (note that continuing education credits are available in specific medical fields); develop a list of invitees and a plan for social media and electronic outreach; assist in development of marketing collateral
  • Program development: review program content to fine-tune final agenda, evaluate presentation proposals, communicate with travelers, and coordinate professional gifts/donations from the group
  • During travel: set the tone for professional meetings, represent the Nanda Journeys travelers, introduce the team at meetings, stress that meeting attendance is mandatory, and gauge the level of satisfaction/address concerns of fellow travelers
  • Post-travel: submit a blog of your travels for online posting, participate in a de-briefing and future planning

I’m ready!
How do I become a journey leader?

Complete the leader-specific application

Be sure to let us know of your major accomplishments, interests, and anything
that sets you apart. Show your true talents and personality!

Download Application

Develop a simple mission/goals statement

This helps us in knowing more about what you are looking for out of the experience.

Questions to consider when coming up with your mission/goals:

  • What would you ideally like to see/do/experience?
  • How does that relate to your specific profession?
  • Is it of interest to those traveling with you?
  • How do my prior travel experiences come into play?
    • Have I done something similar in the past? If so, what did I like/not like about the experience?
    • How does this prepare me for leading a group?
    • Top 3 destinations for your field of interest?

See example goals & mission statements: Cuba | PeruBhutan

Download Mission Statement Questionnaire

Build your travel group of 10

We only need 10 people to make a group – how will you help us get there?

Start by mapping out your networking strategy

  • How will you plan to use social media, electronic marketing avenues (email, e-newsletters, etc.), and related means to get word out to your personal network?
  • What key associations are you a member of that might be willing to assist?
  • Who are your colleagues or peers that might be interested in traveling with you?
  • We only need 10 people to make a group – how will you help us get there?


Nanda Journeys will take you behind the scenes to experience people, places & things in a one-of-a kind way. For example, gain authentic cultural insight during an evening spent enjoying a home-cooked meal with a local family.

Lead a journey—travel to amazing destinations and grow your global perspective through authentic professional and cultural experiences.

“I'm leading my sixth program this fall. Each of these journeys has been unique and both professionally and personally rewarding. These trips are always stimulating and they give professionals a great opportunity to exchange views on what works and what doesn't work around the world. Nanda Journeys does a great job in making sure that these trips run smoothly and are successful.”