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About Us

Theme Focused Trips to Global Destinations

Nanda Journeys designs itineraries that speak to your interests and bring together travelers with purpose and passion looking to explore the world in a meaningful and impactful way. Our engaging and immersive travel experiences go far beyond the tourist scene allowing you to explore a destination with local people in an authentic, sustainable and responsible way.

Our Philosophy

In recent years, we have evolved from tourists to travelers and our lives, are enriched when we engage with each other. By participating in a Nanda Journey, our travelers are directly impacting the communities they visit.

We are committed to supporting sustainable and responsible travel practices and we partner with NGOs, non-profits, and small businesses. Our partnership and financial donations provide much needed support for education, healthcare, infrastructure and economic development.

We believe in making a difference while experiencing another culture, and we ensure that each of our journeys does a much as it can to #Travel4Good!

Our story: A word from our founder, Nicola

I founded Nanda Journeys as I have long yearned to make a difference in the lives of others. I am an avid traveler who has been working in the travel industry for over 25 years, both in the US & UK. I have visited 45 countries and having conquered 6 of the 7 glorious continents (once all in the same year!) Meeting people in their daily environment has opened up a world of friendships and memories for me - I want to share my experiences with others and facilitate creating unique experiences for them.

At Nanda Journeys, we create travel programs for the diverse, adventurous explorer united in a desire: to not only experience a destination, but to truly experience a culture and connect with its people, visiting unexplored, off-the-beaten path destinations, that provide an opportunity to give back, and make a meaningful difference in the communities they visit.

So why Nanda Journeys? Nanda is a Sanskrit word that means joy and happiness. This seemed to aptly fit what I was striving to achieve in my new business for both myself, my team and of course our valued guests.

Welcome to the Nanda Family, we can't wait to journey the world with you!

Explore Our Journeys

Private Journeys

John StewardNursing Journey Peru

Nanda arranged a fascinating, informative, and comfortable trip to Peru for our group. Mr. Saul Perez, the National Guide,was great in all respects. Saul arranged for another local guide who was extremely well informed and helpful for the trip to Cusco and Machu Picchu.

Andrea LampertiJourney of Purpose & Discovery India

I Just got back from a trip to India with Nanda Journeys and had a wonderful time. We saw some amazing sites and had knowledgeable guides join us along the trip, who were able to give us historical information and share their knowledge of just about anything with us.

Geoff BruceMental Health Journey Myanmar

Nanda Journeys provides an unhurried tour of some well-chosen highlights whilst allowing us to feel the country. Interesting visits, well-chosen hotels, and superb local guides who were intelligent and humorous. Not one complaint from a group of Americans.

Sarah ReddingerMusic Education Journey Morocco

The trip to Morocco was one of the best experiences of my life. The team was like family, our guide was phenomenal and we saw so much and experienced such a diversity or things in on week that it felt like we'd been there a month.

Carol BeckerIntroduction to Healthcare Cuba

Nanda is an experienced travel partner to Cuba. Our guide was professional, experienced, highly educated and well trained. He was sensitive to the group's needs, made changes as needed, and became our best friend and security blanket for travel in this beautiful country.