​​​​​​​​​​​​Day 01: Depart today from Miami*
Fly from Miami to Guatemala on a journey to the “Land of Trees”. Our intention is to put down some firmly placed roots as we grow within ourselves, enlightening our inner wisdom as we absorb the energy and traditions of the Mayans. *Gateway city tentatively set and may be subject to change

Meet your local guide and transfer to Antigua, a small city surrounded by volcanoes in southern Guatemala. It’s renowned for its Spanish colonial buildings, many of them restored following a 1773 earthquake. We will enjoy lunch at the hotel before being joined by an Antiguan local who is excited to showcase their city to you. You’ll visit Cerro de la Cruz and Antigua’s most emblematic churches, monuments and buildings as well as the handicraft and local markets. Hear a first-hand account of daily life in Antigua and learn about the deep history of this spiritual and deeply traditional country.

To anchor into this special journey, while you meet your fellow sisters and set your intentions for the week ahead, Lala will lead you in a sisterhood-circle. A private open-air terrace has been reserved for you to enjoy this special moment together surrounded by Mother Nature’s splendid beauty.  This evening we will enjoy a welcome dinner at the Welten Restaurant, a local favorite which affords you a spectacular view of the city and surrounding volcanoes.   

Overnight:  The Good Hotel
Meals: Dinner

Day 02: Antigua - Enlightenment Hike
This morning, you will have the opportunity to learn an empowering and deeply grounding morning practice that you can easily integrate into your daily home life.

Enjoy a nutritious and healthy breakfast and fuel up for the day!  Begin a soulful awakening as we embark upon a glorious hike of the Pacaya Volcano. Pacaya is a complex stratovolcano located within the rim of the Amatitlan Caldera Lake. Its continuous activity in past years has made it one of the most notorious volcanoes amongst climbers. Pacaya rises to an elevation of 2,552 meter and first erupted approximately 23,000 years ago.

Absorb all the energy of the fertile forests, lava fields and surrounding landscapes as we gracefully ascend the volcano, taking time to reflect on Mother Nature’s gifts. Atop the volcano we will journey around the crater rim and bask in the glow of the steaming red hot lava at Pacaya’s core.

Lunch will be served atop the volcano, giving us time to reflect inward and observe any shifts in our own energy. You’ll have time for some personal reflection; tuning into the frequency of your natural authentic power you may choose to journal your thoughts or simply just be, allowing yourself time to enjoy the tranquility and serenity of what surrounds you.

Dinner is at a local organic farm with a view over the whole of Antigua, its surrounding communities with live local live Latin music, so get your dancing shoes on.

As the week unfolds, LaLa will guide you through a soulful experience to expand and uplift your consciousness. Expect modalities such as group sound healing, reflective journaling, and mudra meditations.​

Overnight:  Good Hotel
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 03: Antigua  -  Compassion and Connection

Today we will truly embrace our compassionate selves and connect deeply and genuinely with Guatemalan locals.  After breakfast we will venture to the local market to purchase all the fresh ingredients needed for our luncheon Guatemalan cooking class! The market we will visit for the cooking class is Antigua's famous local market which is extensively larger and provides the smells and tastes of the local people as this is where Guatemalan's shop for food. This is a perfect opportunity to go beyond your comfort zone and maybe explore conversing with the local market holders, learning from them who they are and what daily life is like in Guatemala! Don’t worry, your local guide is on hand to help interpret for you!

​​A portion of the proceeds from your program participation goes directly toward the sponsorship of of education in a local school. Today we will visit the school and learn about the power of education and how impactful it is to the local community. Niños de Guatemala’s El Porvenir School serves nearly 200 children living below the poverty line. We’ll explore how the school is focused on not only traditional education but also recycling, organic growing, and health/nutrition. We’ll tour the school and learn about their education, empowerment, and environmental initiatives.

​For lunch we will be preparing our own Guatemalan dish under the close supervision of a local community chef. Learn about the origins of traditional Mayan cuisine. This is such a fun way to not only learn about local cuisine but bond together as a sisterhood and break bread together to celebrate your newly acquired culinary skills!

​Our community immersion continues as we travel to San Lorenzo el Cuba to meet with a local family in their home. We’ll learn about the art of making a Guatemalan worry doll and how this industry is now the main income generation source for 80% of mothers in the San Lorenzo el Cubo community. Make your own traditional worry doll and also visit a local furniture carpentry workshop.

Worry Doll Folklore - worry dolls (called muñecas quitapenas in Spanish) are small, hand-made dolls originating from Guatemala. According to Mayan legend, there once was a Mayan princess whose name was Ixmucane and she had the special ability to solve any problem. With the magical powers of Ixmucane in mind, Guatemalan families started to use fabrics and little twigs to make colorful dolls. They began to tell the dolls their problems, placing them under their pillows at night, and discovered that the next day most of their worries had disappeared!

We’ll have some free time for journaling and reflection before dinner, which is on your own this evening, to allow you to explore your Antiguan surroundings. Don’t worry, your local guide will be on hand to provide recommendations or you may simply choose to dine at the Good Hotel.  

Overnight:  Good Hotel
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 04: Lake Atitlan - Lakeside Tranquility
Today we will journey to Lake Atitlán, once referred to as “the closest thing to Eden on earth” by Lonely Planet. Lake Atitlán, a crater lake formed around two million years ago, is nestled between three majestic volcanoes (Atitlán, Tolimán and San Pedro), mountains, and twelve different Mayan villages.

En-route we will explore some of the most revered and historically significant Mayan ruins in Iximche. Together you will experience the transformational wonders of the former and first capital of Guatemala in all its architectural and spiritual significance.​

Lunch will be provided this afternoon at Chichoy, a local restaurant with typical Guatemalan cuisine. Now that you are relaxed and maybe in an inspired state, we’ll journey onward to our tranquil lakeside haven for the next two days, La Casa del Mundo {Worlds Home}.

Join LaLa by the stunning lakeside for an evening of mindful movement and breath-work to spark your inner-wisdom and empower self-discovery. Lake Atitlan is nestled between 3 volcanoes that serve as a powerful backdrop and energetic inspiration for the evening ritual and intention setting.    

Dinner is included at Casa del Mundo this evening. You can expect to be joined by guests from all over the globe who come to dine together and share the stories over a family-style dinner. Meals at Casa del Mundo are made with the safest and best ingredients available, hand selected in Panajachel's indigenous market and transported by boat (the only access apart from ancient foot trails) to the hotel dock.
Overnight: La Case del Mundo (or similar)
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 05: Lake Atitlan - Community Connections
This morning, you will have the opportunity to learn an empowering and deeply grounding morning practice that you can easily integrate into your daily home life. Afterward enjoy a nutritious and healthy breakfast and fuel up for the day! 

For the remainder of the day we will explore several indigenous village communities around the lake, immersing ourselves in the culture and participating in educational and fun workshops.

San Juan La Laguna is considered one of the more traditional villages around the lake and is off the beaten path from most tourist destinations. You will first visit a local women weavers’ textile cooperative to learn about and participate in the process of ancestral weaving and see how different plants are used to dye the fabric with natural colors.

Enjoy a traditional local lunch and visit an art gallery, where you’ll see the beautiful artworks and learn about the techniques that were used to create them.The final stop in San Juan is another community cooperative producing medicinal plants and herbal products. Here you will learn about traditional Mayan healing and how to make organic shampoo, creams, and tea.

Return this afternoon to your tranquil lakeside setting and home away from home Casa del Mundo. You may choose to meditate on the terrace, soak in the lakeside hot tub and cascading pools or explore the other wonderful amenities at your hotel. LaLa will be on hand to support you and your fellow sisters to ensure you are enjoying your self-care time and living into your intentions for the week. 

We have purposely left dinner arrangements open tonight so that you can choose how to spend your evening.

Overnight: Casa del Mundo (Or Similar)
Meals: Breakfast,  Lunch

​​Day 06: Time to reflect
Enjoy some free time for personal reflection; tuning into the frequency of your natural authentic power, you may choose to journal your thoughts or simply just be, allowing yourself time to enjoy the tranquility and serenity of what surrounds you.

There are several optional activities available including swimming, hiking, mountain biking, boat tour {optional fees may apply}. Whatever you choose, you are sure to be invigorated and rejuvenated by your experience in this magical setting.

We honor our journey together by sitting in gratitude as sisters, in our final ceremony circle to close the retreat. A beautiful moment to integrate the deep connections, cultural experiences, service, and sisterhood that has been nourished during your time in Guatemala. A time to reflect, hold space, and hug it out with your travel family. Enjoy a farewell dinner together.

Overnight:Casa del Mudno (or similar)

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 07: Return home

While today is a time for goodbyes, we hope it will only be temporary and that you will one day return to Guatemala to deepen your connections and further your explorations of this deeply traditional and warm country.

Please note: All itineraries are subject to change based on availability of hotels, flights and hosting organizations at the time of finalization of booking. 30 days before departure, a finalized itinerary will be available and reflect final details.​​


Call Us 1-888-747-7501

Do I have to fly from Miami?
No, Nanda Journeys will be arranging group flights for us and is currently exploring both a Houston and Miami option. You may elect to fly from another airport as well, in which case you will receive a credit of $600, bringing your participation cost to $2,699 not including international flights.

Who is Nanda Journeys?

Nanda Journeys offers theme-focused trips to global destinations that speak to your interests, bringing together travelers with purpose and passion to explore the world in an meaningful way. Founded by an avid traveler and expert with over 25 years in the travel industry, Nanda Journeys creates immersive and engaging travel experiences for those looking for authentic travel, stepping beyond the tourist scene. 

For LaLa, It was an incredibly inspired and easy decision to collaborate with Nanda Journeys, as they support her overall mission of elevating the planet through consciousness, compassion, and connection.


Do I need a passport?
Yes, United States citizens traveling to Guatemala will need a U.S. passport valid for at least six months past their intended length of stay.

Detailed Itinerary


Is this a retreat?
Nanda Journeys and I believe this is more of a transformational journey rather than a retreat. While we will indeed spend time reflecting, meditating, journaling and taking time for self-care, typical in a retreat, we will also engage with the local community, learn about traditional Mayan custom and spirituality, and immerse ourselves in experiences such as Mayan Weaving, Worry Doll Workshops, Plant Medicine workshop and so much more.

Can I come by myself?
Yes, absolutely. Many of our guests are likely to be traveling by themselves and looking to connect with other like minded sisters on this journey of Sisterhood, Service and Self-Awakening. We can appoint you a roommate, or if you wish you can elect to have a single room for $599 additional cost.

Good Hotel Antigua

​​Roundtrip economy flights from Miami

Welcome dinner with your new tribe of sisters

Professional guided exploration of Antigua

Temescal & Mayan Ritual

Volcano hikes 

Unique and immersive community experiences to explore Mayan traditions and local customs

Worry Doll Workshop

Guatemalan cooking class with a local family

Visit students and teachers in school and see how your participation in this journey directly supports them

Guided exploration of the Iximche Mayan Ruins

Hands on local workshops where you will be taught the art of weaving

An evening dinner with locals on an organic farm

Maximon Spiritual Ceremony

Morning Rituals for connecting and setting intentions

Mudra Meditations

Practical Healing Techniques

Tapping into your true essence in a safe supported space

Tuning into the frequency of your natural authentic power

Nutritious and traditional foods sourced  locally 

Support & teaching from LaLa throughout

English speaking local guide

Private transportation

4* Hotels

​Daily breakfast, 6 lunches, 4 dinners​​

A Journey of Sisterhood, Service and Self Awakening 

Access your inner wisdom, ignite your passion, and open your heart through this week long transformational journey to Guatemala with Reiki Master, Healer, Yogini, and Mentor, Laurana (LaLa) Kuhlman. You'll be immersed in local life in Guatemala and participate in many hands-on activities including a Guatemalan cooking class, medicinal plant workshop, Mayan Culture workshop,, volcano hikes, lakeside intention setting and meditation, school visits and more. Our intention is to put down some firmly placed roots as we grow within ourselves, enlightening our inner wisdom as we absorb the energy and traditions of the Mayans. Get ready to release your blocks to well-being and merge back into soul alignment!

​​​​​​​​Meet you journey leader: 

Laurana (LaLa) Kuhlman

Laurana Kuhlman is a skilled and passionate Reiki Master, Healer, Yogini, and Mentor. She
works with those seeking to expand their knowledge of Self, and believes deeply that self-care is for everyone. Operating under the philosophy that there are many paths to healing, Laurana serves her clients at the mind, body, and spirit levels. Her goal is to inspire others to shift their personal narratives and fear-based thoughts, by providing the tools to release and transcend trauma stored in the physical and emotional body, in order to live a more present lifestyle.

Laurana believes that by nurturing self-awareness and exploring your limiting beliefs you become an alchemist to your life. She uses her unique mix of East meets West combined with intuition and metaphysical training to guide her meditations, yoga sessions, and

Being of service is Laurana’s dharma and her hope is to create a container

for self-healing by
holding space for others in

all facets of their life.

Be Kind.
Keep Going.
OM Shanti.

Guatemala: Antigua, Lake Atitlan | 7 days | October 19 - October 25, 2020 | $3,299

Shared Room incl. Flights
Number of payments 4
Payment Due*Amount
Upon Registration$500.00 USD
Every 4 weeks (x 3)$933.00 USD
Total $3,299.00 USD
Single Room incl Flights
Number of payments 4
Payment Due*Amount
Upon Registration$500.00 USD
Every 4 weeks (x 3)$1,132.66 USD
Total $3,897.98 USD
Shared Room exclude Flights
Number of payments 4
Payment Due*Amount
Upon Registration/td>$500.00 USD
Every 4 weeks (x 3)$733.00 USD
Total $2,699.00 USD
Single Room exclude Flights
Number of payments 4
Payment Due*Amount
Upon Registartion$500.00 USD
Every 4 weeks (x 3)$932.66 USD
Total $3,297.98 USD
*Please call 1-888-747-7501 if you wish to make individual credit card payments. Final balance MUST be paid 60 days prior to travel. Please review Booking Terms & Conditions at top of page.
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  • Join empowered local women who have established small businesses that honor and promote their local culture.
  • Immerse yourself in lakeside meditation and intention setting.
  • Hike an active volcano and absorb her powerful energy.


  • As a participant in this journey, you are directly supporting the education of 500 students at three Guatemalan schools. Visit one of the schools, meet the teachers and students, and see first-hand just how impactful transformational travel can be.
  • Attend a worry doll workshop and learn about this centuries old Mayan tradition.


  • Join lakeside indigenous communities for a day of experiential workshops on weaving and medicinal plants.
  • Enjoy a Guatemalan cooking class including purchasing all the ingredients from a local farmer’s market.
  • Join a local Guatemalan as he/she introduces you to the city of Antigua, sharing the favorite spots and most iconic locations.


  • Explore the Mayan ruins of Iximche and participate in a Mayan Spiritual Ceremony.
  • Spend time in self-reflection atop a volcano and beside the majestic Lake Atitlan. 

Casa del Mundo