​​​​​​​​Meet you journey leader: 

Meg Sylvester

Meg's mission is to empower purpose-driven dreamers & light-workers to fulfill their calling. As a Spiritual Life Coach and soulful retreat facilitator, Meg works with those who are ready to get unstuck and in motion towards creating a life that feels on purpose. Leveraging her background in positive  psychology, spirituality, self-development,

and holistic wellness, she uses

her intuitive gifts to help her

clients transform their limiting

beliefs and take the action steps

that lead to peace, happiness, and fulfillment.

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Number of payments 4
Payment Due*Amount
Upon Registration$500.00 USD
Every 6 weeks (x 3)$833.00 USD
Total $2,999.00 USD
Single Room
Number of payments 4
Payment Due*Amount
Upon Registration$500.00 USD
Every 6 weeks (x 3)$1,032.66 USD
Total $3,597.98 USD
*Please call 1-888-747-7501 if you wish to make individual credit card payments. Final balance MUST be paid 60 days prior to travel. Please review Booking Terms & Conditions at top of page.
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  • Join empowered local women who have established small businesses that honor and promote their local culture.
  • Immerse yourself in lakeside meditation and intention setting.
  • Hike an active volcano and absorb her powerful energy.


  • Meet students and teachers whom you are supporting with your participation in this transformational journey.
  • Attend a worry doll workshop.


  • Join lakeside indigenous communities for a day of experiential workshops on weaving and medicinal plants.
  • Enjoy a Guatemalan cooking class including purchasing all the ingredients from a local farmer’s market.


  • Explore the Mayan ruins of Iximche and participate in a Mayan Spiritual Ceremony.
  • Experience a traditional Mayan temescal: the original sauna!

Villa Sumaya


​​​​​​​​​​Day 01: Depart today from Miami*
Fly from Miami to Guatemala on a journey to the “Land of Trees”. Our intention is to put down some firmly placed roots as we grow within ourselves, enlightening our inner wisdom as we absorb the energy and traditions of the Mayans. *Gateway city tentatively set and may be subject to change

Meet your local guide and transfer to Antigua, a small city surrounded by volcanoes in southern Guatemala. It’s renowned for its Spanish colonial buildings, many of them restored following a 1773 earthquake. We’ll be joined by an Antiguan local who is excited to showcase their city to you. You’ll visit Cerro de la Cruz and Antigua’s most emblematic churches, monuments and buildings as well as the handicraft and local markets. Hear a first-hand account of daily life in Antigua and learn about the deep history of this spiritual and deeply traditional country.

In the late afternoon, we will head to The Good Hotel Antigua - our base and home for the next three nights: The Good Hotel, chosen for its wonderful location and relaxed and friendly environment, but more importantly for the unique and important role it plays in giving back to the local community of Antigua. All profits from the hotel go directly to funding three local schools that have been established to educate over 500 children in underserved communities in Guatemala. As our journey unfolds, we will learn more about the schools and communities that are served and join them in their daily activities. This evening we will enjoy a welcome dinner at the Good Hotel’s Saul Restaurant.   At the Good Hotel, they don’t believe in simply ordering from suppliers hundreds of miles away. They buy organic produce from local people and local farms. Their food and beverage team were born and raised in the local area and are excited to introduce you to fresh Guatemalan cuisine. 

Overnight:  The Good Hotel
Meals: Dinner

Day 02: Antigua - Enlightenment Hike
This morning, you will have the opportunity to learn an empowering and deeply grounding morning practice that you can easily integrate into your daily home life.

Enjoy a nutritious and healthy breakfast and fuel up for the day!  Begin a soulful awakening as we embark upon a glorious hike of the Pacaya Volcano. Pacaya is a complex stratovolcano located within the rim of the Amatitlan Caldera Lake. Its continuous activity in past years has made it one of the most notorious volcanoes amongst climbers. Pacaya rises to an elevation of 2,552 meter and first erupted approximately 23,000 years ago.

Absorb all the energy of the fertile forests, lava fields and surrounding landscapes as we gracefully ascend the volcano, taking time to reflect on Mother Nature’s gifts. Atop the volcano we will journey around the crater rim and basque in the glow of the steaming red hot lava at Pacaya’s core.

Lunch will be served atop the volcano, giving us time to reflect inward and observe any shifts in our own energy. You’ll have time for some personal reflection; tuning into the frequency of your natural authentic power you may choose to journal your thoughts or simply just be, allowing yourself time to enjoy the tranquility and serenity of what surrounds you.

Dinner is on your own (individual expense) this evening.   Relax and enjoy as Meg guides you through a soulful experience to expand and uplift your consciousness. Expect modalities such as group sound healing, reflective journaling, and kundalini meditations.

Overnight:  Good Hotel
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 03: Antigua  -  Compassion and COnnection

Today we will truly embrace our compassionate selves and connect deeply and genuinely with Guatemalan locals.  After breakfast we will venture to the local market to purchase all the fresh ingredients needed for our luncheon Guatemalan cooking class! The market we will visit for the cooking class is Antigua's famous local market which is extensively larger and provides the smells and tastes of the local people as this is where Guatemalan's shop for food. This is a perfect opportunity to go beyond your comfort zone and maybe explore conversing with the local market holders, learning from them who they are and what daily life is like in Guatemala! Don’t worry, your local guide is on hand to help interpret for you!

​​A portion of the proceeds from your program participation goes directly toward the sponsorship of of education in a local school. Today we will visit the school and learn about the power of education and how impactful it is to the local community. Niños de Guatemala’s El Porvenir School serves nearly 200 children living below the poverty line. We’ll explore how the school is focused on not only traditional education but also recycling, organic growing, and health/nutrition. We’ll tour the school and learn about their education, empowerment, and environmental initiatives.

​For lunch we will be preparing our own Guatemalan dish under the close supervision of a local community chef. Learn about the origins of traditional Mayan cuisine. This is such a fun way to not only learn about local cuisine but bond together as a sisterhood and break bread together to celebrate your newly acquired culinary skills!

​Our community immersion continues as we travel to San Lorenzo el Cuba to meet with a local family in their home. We’ll learn about the art of making a Guatemalan worry doll and how this industry is now the main income generation source for 80% of mothers in the San Lorenzo el Cubo community. Make your own traditional worry doll and also visit a local furniture carpentry workshop.

Worry Doll Folklore - worry dolls (called muñecas quitapenas in Spanish) are small, hand-made dolls originating from Guatemala. According to Mayan legend, there once was a Mayan princess whose name was Ixmucane and she had the special ability to solve any problem. With the magical powers of Ixmucane in mind, Guatemalan families started to use fabrics and little twigs to make colorful dolls. They began to tell the dolls their problems, placing them under their pillows at night, and discovered that the next day most of their worries had disappeared!

We’ll have some free time for journaling and reflection before dinner which will be enjoyed on a local organic farm. Put your dancing shoes on as there will be live music by candlelight – a favorite location with locals. 

Overnight:  Good Hotel
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 04: Lake Atitlan - Lakeside Tranquility
Today we will journey to Lake Atitlán, once referred to as “the closest thing to Eden on earth” by Lonely Planet. Lake Atitlán, a crater lake formed around two million years ago, is nestled between three majestic volcanoes (Atitlán, Tolimán and San Pedro), mountains, and twelve different Mayan villages.

En-route we will explore some of the most revered and historically significant Mayan ruins in Iximche. Following a visit to Iximche which will be guided by our local guide and an additional historic and cultural guide of the mayan ruin site to experience the transformational wonders of a traditional temescal.

Now that you are relaxed and maybe in an inspired state, we’ll journey onward to our tranquil lakeside haven for the next two days, Kaalpul Atitlan Eco Hotel & Spa. Kaalpul translates in the native dialogue to mean "portal to a sacred place". The serene and transcendent setting will allow you to tap into the physical and evoke a calmness that will bring gratitude to the senses.   This evening you are invited to harness the energy of empowerment and inner-wisdom through an evening ritual and intention setting ceremony with Meg at the banks of peaceful Lake.
Overnight: Villa Sumaya (or similar)
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 05: Lake Atitlan - Community Connections
We will begin our day with a sunrise hike of Indian Nose with a local guide. At the top we will enjoy unmatched views of Lake Atitlan, the nearby volcanoes and surrounding landscapes.

For the remainder of the day we will explore several indigenous village communities around the lake, immersing ourselves in the culture and participating in educational and fun workshops.

San Juan La Laguna is considered one of the more traditional villages around the lake and is off the beaten path from most tourist destinations. You will first visit a local women weavers’ textile cooperative to learn about and participate in the process of ancestral weaving and see how different plants are used to dye the fabric with natural colors. Enjoy a traditional local lunch and visit an art gallery, where you’ll see the beautiful artworks and learn about the techniques that were used to create them. The final stop in San Juan is another community cooperative producing medicinal plants and herbal products. Here you will learn about traditional Maya healing and how to make organic shampoo, creams, and tea.

We will next head to Santiago Atitlán, the capital of the Tz’utujil Maya and the largest of the lake communities. We will start with a search for the house where the Mayan God Maximon is living, as his location changes every year when a new cofradía or brotherhood has the privilege of taking care of him. Once we find Maximón, you may see a local shaman performing rituals for the Mayans. 

This evening we will enjoy a farewell dinner at one of the village co-operatives. Tonight, you are invited to a heart-warming sisterhood circle and ceremony with your fellow retreat companions. By this time, you will have forged deep connections with the other women on this journey. We will lift each other up, in soulful sisterhood ceremony and reflect on our experiences together. Expect hugs, love, and good vibes all around!

Overnight: Kaalpul Atitlan
Meals: Breakfast,  Lunch, Dinner

​​Day 06: Time to say goodbye
While today is a time for goodbyes, we hope it will only be temporary and that you will one day return to Guatemala to deepen your connections and further your explorations of this deeply traditional and warm country.
Meals: Breakfast

Please note: All itineraries are subject to change based on availability of hotels, flights and hosting organizations at the time of finalization of booking. Comparable meetings and activities will be arranged should an itinerary change be necessary. 30 days before departure, a finalized itinerary will be available and reflect final details.​​

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Detailed Itinerary

Good Hotel Antigua

“Meg created a safe place for women to look deep into their hearts, souls, and memories with the goal of helping each of us to let go and move forward. Meg provided a structure to teach us different tools, show us how to use them (yoga, guided meditation, guided self-reflection, transformative breath), and ask questions. She is such a kind and caring person, and really took the time to ensure that everyone felt supported, comfortable, and heard. For the first time in a long time, I was able to physically feel like I'd finally let something go without medication or substances, and I couldn't have gotten there without Meg and this workshop. It is hard to remember sometimes how much just slowing down and breathing can change your entire perception of a situation.”

Morgan Constantino - Attorney

Access your inner wisdom, ignite your passion, and open your heart through this six-day transformational journey to Guatemala with Spiritual Life Coach & Teacher, Meg Sylvester. You'll be immersed in local life in Guatemala and participate in many hands-on activities including a Guatemalan cooking class, medicinal plant workshop, Mayan Culture workshop, temescal experiences {sauna}, volcano hikes, lake side intention setting and meditation, school visits and more. Our intention is to put down some firmly placed roots as we grow within ourselves, enlightening our inner wisdom as we absorb the energy and traditions of the Mayans. Get ready to release your blocks to well-being and merge back into soul alignment!

Guatemala: Antigua, Lake Atitlan | 6 days | October 8 - October 13, 2019 | $2,999

Roundtrip economy flights from Miami

Welcome dinner with your new tribe of sisters

Professional guided exploration of Antigua

Temescal & Mayan Ritual

Volcano hikes & sunrise Indian Nose hike

Unique and immersive community experiences to explore Mayan traditions and local customs

Worry Doll Workshop

Guatemalan cooking class with a local family

Visit students and teachers in school and see how your participation in this journey directly supports them

Guided exploration of the Iximche Mayan Ruins

Hands on local workshops where you will be taught the art of weaving

An evening dinner with locals on an organic farm

Maximon Spiritual Ceremony

Morning Rituals for connecting and setting intentions

Kundalini Energetic Meditations

Practical Healing Techniques

Tapping into your true essence in a safe supported space

Tuning into the frequency of your natural authentic power

Nutritious and traditional foods sourced  locally 

Support & teaching from Meg throughout

English speaking local guide

Private transportation

4* Hotels

​Daily breakfast, 5 lunches, 2 dinners​​

A Journey of Sisterhood, Service and Self Awakening 

This retreat was everything I needed! Meg is an amazing host, teacher, healer, and friend. The balance of self-work, and group work was perfect. It was heartfelt, emotional, beautiful, and inspiring. I met so many beautiful new friends and I have so many new tools to practice at home. I would absolutely go again! Thank you, Meg for opening my eyes to the possibilities! Thank you for helping me reconnect with myself and nature. Thank you from my whole heart! 

Justine Hynes - Teacher