Serengeti National Park is recognized as a World Heritage Site, is one of the most famous wildlife areas in the world and is considered the world’s oldest protected eco-system. Serengeti National Park, as we know it today was gazetted in 1951, but a smaller area first received protection in the years 1921-29 by the British to prevent decimation of the lion population from hunting. The park itself is 5,700 square miles, but the more extensive Serengeti eco-system is over 9,600 square miles of protected land from Ngorongoro all the way to Loliondo and Kenya (the smaller Maasai Mara) and including the Maswa Game Reserve on the southern boundary of the park. The Serengeti is the largest national park in Tanzania, with a staggering animal population of almost four million and 523 recorded species of birds!

​​​​​​Leader Spotlight: 

Dr. Paula Shannon Jones

Dr. Paula Jones has been involved with the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) since her graduation from Case Western Reserve School of Dental Medicine in 1984. She has served the AGD in many capacities including:

  • Council Chair for Membership for five years
  • Regional Director for Illinois
  • National AGD Board of Trustees representative for Illinois • Member of the AGD’s Foundation Board of Directors (two terms)
  • AGD's first woman President (2008-2009) • President, Academy of General Dentistry Foundation (2011-2013)

She has been a SmileLine Online volunteer since its inception and has been a spokesperson for the organization since 1994.

She was awarded the AGD Distinguished

Service Award for her work with

new dentists in 1995. Dr. Jones

is also a long-time member of

the ADA and Illinois State Dental


Day 01: November 12, 2018
Depart the Crater this morning after an early breakfast and drive directly to the Serengeti main gate. A bagged lunch will be provided for you today. Stop along the way to visit Olduvai Gorge, the site of Louis and Mary Leakey’s famous archaeological discoveries. Continue to the Serengeti— although the drive is approximately two hours on a gravel/ dirt road, the scenery is wonderful as you get your first views into the endless plains of the famous Serengeti National Park.

It is the largest wildlife sanctuary in the world and the site of one of the most breathtaking events in animal kingdom-the migration of more than 1.5 million wildebeest and another 400,000 zebra.

The area consists of treeless central plain, savannah dotted with acacia and granite outcroppings called kopjes, and riverine bush and forest in the north. The park’s name is derived from the Maasai language Siringet which means endless plains.

After checking in at the main park gate to register, you will game drive through the Gol Kopjes with a special permit and arrive at Sametu Camp in the late afternoon. Dinner will be provided at the camp this evening.
Overnight:  Semetu Camp (or similar)
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 02: November 13, 2018 

Enjoy a full day of game drives exploring the vast areas of the central Serengeti and attempting to follow the movement of the herds and the activity of the big cats in this area. The central Serengeti has some of the largest prides of lions, leopard and cheetah populations. 

The area of the central Serengeti is a location to be enjoyed all year round, because of the large cat populations. Cats do not migrate with the herds, so during the dry season they are actually more actively searching for dwindling food sources. The Serengeti has the largest population of lions (3,200) in all of Africa, primarily due to the abundance of food. We recommend spending time in at least two locations in the Serengeti to maximize your wildlife viewing in this huge and spectacular park.

Overnight:  Semetu Camp (or similar)
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 03: November 14, 2018
Continue with game drives. The enormity of the Serengeti does necessitate significant travel time to explore and observe the most interesting wildlife interactions. 

During the green season (November-June), there are short periods of rain usually at night and in the late afternoon. During this time, the wildebeest and zebra herds leave the northern part of the Serengeti and travel east and south into the short grass plain of the central, southern and eastern Serengeti. The herd traditionally splits into two distinct migratory routes, with pregnant females and dominant males moving directly south, through the Seronera area and onward to the short-grass plains of the southern Serengeti. The bachelor males move easterly around the Gol Mountains and then south through the Gol Pass, the Gol Kopjes and onto the southern plains. The female wildebeest need to be in this area to begin the calving, as they rely on this particular kind of grass for calving and milk production that is high in calcium, potassium and magnesium.

Overnight: Semetu Camp (or similar)
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 4: November 15, 2018
After breakfast, enjoy one last game drive as you travel to the Seronera airstrip to fly back to Arusha. The short flight leaves late this morning with arrival around noon at the Arusha Domestic Airport, depending upon other possible bush stops.

You will be met on arrival by a local driver and guide for your transfer you to the African Tulip for lunch and a dayroom. There will be time to shower, pack and relax before leaving for the Kilimanjaro International Airport to check in for your return flight later today.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 4: November 16, 2018
Arrive back in the U.S. today.

Please note: All itineraries are subject to change based on availability of hotels, flights and hosting organizations at the time of finalization of booking. Comparable meetings and activities will be arranged should an itinerary change be necessary. 30 days before departure, a finalized itinerary will be available and reflect final details.​​

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Tanzania has been recognized as unique among African nations in its tolerance for tribal, religious and racial differences. There are more than 132 distinct tribes in Tanzania and they are considered of equal value, without any tribe receiving favoritism. Tanzanians have learned the value of respecting differences and living in peace. ​Come explore this wonderful nation during our Dental Health Journey to Dar es Salaam, Arusha & Ngorongoro Crater for an 11-day career enrichment experience! Enjoy the unique experience of providing education to the children and teens in Arusha about the importance of oral health, especially given the challenges they still face in accessing care given a large population with very few dentists. Learn about the challenges Tanzania faces while interacting with dental professionals in Dar es Salaam and meeting with a variety of oral health practitioners, educators, and non-profit organizations passionate about improving oral health in Tanzania. Also included are unique activities such as a Swahili cooking class, community visits with artisans and a two-day safari at the Ngorongoro Crater. Explore first hand the dental health needs of the Tanzanian population and help to provide insight and workable solutions to an urgent need.


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Dental Health Journey to Tanzania, led by Dr. Paula Shannon Jones

The US State Department  & CDC provides a wealth of information for US travelers. You can browse visa and passport information,  emergency information, travel advisories, vaccination information and much more. Rest assured though, Nanda Journeys will always remain abreast of all relevent traveler information for your chosen destination!

What's Included

Day 01: Travel to Tanzania
Depart from the U.S. today and make your way to Tanzania. The unique landscapes and friendly people alone are worth a visit!

Day 02: Dar Es Salem, Tanzania

Upon arrival at Julius Nyerere International Airport the group will be met and transferred to your local hotel for check in. Relax this evening and settle into your hotel. Dinner service will be provided on the flight so no meals will be provided in Tanzania today.

Overnight:  Dar Serena (or similar)

Day 03: Welcome to Tanzania

Morning orientation and welcome. All travelers will gather this morning with your national guide and receive further information on the program and today’s activities.

Spend the day with the faculty and key students at the Muhimbili University of Health & Allied Sciences (MUHAS) School of Dentistry. The Dean and his dental school faculty look forward to welcoming the group to exchange information about oral health and access to care issues facing Tanzania. Currently the dentist to population ratio in Tanzania is about 1:120,000 people compared to a ratio of 1:7,500 people that is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) in developing countries. They are the only dental college in the whole of Tanzania.

The school has an onsite clinic that renders services to the public including curative services in oral and maxillofacial surgery, conservative dentistry, endodontics, prosthetics, periodontology, pediatric dentistry and orthodontics, and preventive services. It remains the only place in Tanzania where Dental Surgeons are trained. There will be time to present to their staff and students.

You will have a chance to purchase lunch on your own at the school café this afternoon.

Guest program:
Today accompanying guests will enjoy a tour to Bagamoyo which is 45 miles north of Dar es Salaam and the former capital of German East Africa as well as the main port for trade and exploration of the African continent. Between the late 18th century and the late 19th century Muslim families from Oman settled the town and Bagamoyo became an important holding area for the slave trade from the interior and waiting to ship slaves to Zanzibar for sale. There are many historical places to visit including the Kaole ruins of 13th century mosques, the Caravan Serai (slave trade), the German Customs House and the Hanging Place. You will have a chance to purchase lunch on your own by the beach this afternoon.

Dinner will be provided at the hotel this evening.

Overnight: Dar Serena (or similar)
Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Day 04: Dar Es Salem, Tanzania - Professional Development
MCW-Global will help us arrange time with the Tanzania Dental Association and a representative from the Ministry of Health to discuss the challenges of oral health, the progress to train dental professionals and the implementation of the dental therapy program. Continue discussions around access to care issues and what the government can do to better provide dental care for its populous.

MCW-Global and their team will discuss dental therapy programs that are in place in some communities to assist in reducing inequities in oral health service provision to the disadvantaged.

Guest program:
This morning accompanying guests will visit the Kariakoo Market with a local guide, the largest indoor/outdoor food and shopping market in the city. Established by the government the market was set up to become a model market by providing excellent and sustainable services in food stuffs, agriculture inputs and merchandise with a focus on health, environment and safety of consumers.

Return to the hotel for lunch on your own this afternoon.

Late this afternoon, the group will gather for a Swahili traditional cooking lesson at Chefs At Work to prepare dinner together. Enjoy your dishes you made for dinner this evening before returning to the hotel.

Overnight: Dar Serena (or similar)
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 05: Fly to Arusha
The group will leave Dar in the late morning and fly to Arusha. Enjoy lunch at the Arusha Coffee Lodge and have some time to visit Shanga House. This organization trains the physically and mentally disabled to learn various vocational and craft skills, so they can earn an income and remain in their families rather than living on the streets. The artisans use recycled materials in very creative ways and their workshop and craft shop are located on the grounds of the Arusha Coffee Lodge.

Dinner will be provided at the African Tulip.
Overnight: African Tulup (or similar)
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 06: School Visit & Health Class
This morning, visit the School of St. Jude, a non-governmental organization (NGO) providing a quality education to the most disadvantaged children of Arusha. Join the primary school-aged students for lunch, and meet with the school’s founder to learn more about challenges the school faces as it strives to encourage academic success.

You will have the unique experience of providing oral health education to the children about the importance of oral health, especially given the challenges they still face in accessing care. Hands-on demonstrations can include proper brushing techniques, general dental care, and overall good dental hygiene.

We have arranged for the group to ride a school bus home with the students this afternoon, giving you more time to talk with students and see where they live. It is easy to forget that the students at the School come from the poorest areas in the Arusha district, so riding home with them helps to put the value of this education into perspective.

Guest program:
Guests will also visit St. Jude today and spend time with the children. You will have the chance to meet a student’s family in their home.

Staff from the school will take you to dinner tonight at a nearby BBQ. Nyama choma means roasted meats and is a favorite meal featuring beef, chicken and goat.
Overnight:  African Tulip (or similar)
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 07: Cultural & Professional Exchange
In the morning the dental professionals will visit the Secondary School (Smith Campus) to talk to some of the older students who are interested in going into the medical field (potentially dentistry) about their career path.

Guest program:
Guests will enjoy some free time this morning at the hotel for a leisurely breakfast and time at the pool. Spend the afternoon visiting the local village with the remainder of the group.

The group will participate in a cultural visit to the village of N’giresi early this afternoon. Ng'iresi is situated 7 km outside of Arusha on the green and steep slopes of Mount Meru. The inhabitants of the village are all farmers of the Wa-arusha tribe (Masai tribe). Lunch will be served at the village and you will be introduced to local agriculture, a government school, walk to the waterfall and meet a local healer.

Dinner will be provided at the hotel with local dentists to discuss the current practices for emergency dental care and the obstacles for providing dental services to children.
Overnight: ​Africa Tulip (or similar)
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 08: Ngorongoro Crater - Safari

After an early breakfast, leave Arusha for the Ngorongoro Crater to experience two days of wonderful wildlife. This will include drives with your expert guides through the crater. The Crater floor provides six distinct habitats: acacia forest, swamp, short -grass, long grass, riverine and woodland. Each habitat attracts a variety of animals. There is not enough vegetation or shade to support the large cow and calf herds, but the old males “retire” to the Crater for the wonderful swamp grass and acacia forest. 

Facing the always magnificent sunsets to the west, and located at the highest point on Ngorongoro crater’s entire rim, Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge stands well over half a kilometer above the crater floor and offers unparalleled views across this enormous caldera. Themed around traditionally circular African houses with conical roofs, and decorated with examples of Africa’s rich tapestry of artistic traditions by way of rich woodcarvings and sculptures, the lodge harmonizes perfectly with its dramatic surroundings.

Lunch and dinner will be provided today.

Overnight:  Crater Sopa Lodge (or similar)
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 09: Ngorongoro Crater - Safari

After an early breakfast, head back into the Crater to continue your game drives with your expert guide. Had it not become the world's sixth-largest unbroken caldera, then what is now known as the Ngorongoro crater could have been a towering volcanic mountain, as high as Kilimanjaro. Formed when a giant volcano exploded and collapsed some three million years ago, the Ngorongoro crater sinks to a depth of 610 meters, with a base area covering 260 square kilometers.

Ngorongoro Crater boasts the highest density of hyena in any location in Africa. It is also known for its diverse bird population and birding. Look for the golden-winged and Tacazze sunbirds, Rufous-tailed weaver, Jackson’s widow bird and pallid harrier, as well as the grey-crested Helmut shrike and the beautiful crowned cranes. The only animals you will not see in the Crater are the impala and giraffe. It is not known why impala do not inhabit the Crater, but giraffe are unable to descend the steep grade without lowering their heads, which raises their blood pressure to dangerous levels.

Meals will be provided each day at the lodge.

Overnight:  Crater Sopa Lodge (or similar)
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 10: Cultural Heritage

Drive back to Arusha arriving in time for a hot buffet lunch at the Arusha Coffee Lodge. The drive is just short of 5 hours so perhaps bring something to read along the way.

You will have a chance to visit the Cultural Heritage Center today which boasts beautiful ebony carvings and one of the largest selections of gemstones in Africa, including tanzanite—a rare, blue-violet stone found only in Tanzania. See and shop for other African art including: batiks, masks, jewelry, baskets, and local crafts.

Return to the African Tulip Hotel where you will have access to a dayroom. Enjoy a farewell dinner at the hotel this evening as you reminisce about your time in Tanzania.

Early evening transfer to the international airport for your return flight to the U.S.

Overnight: n/a
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 11: Arrival back in the U.S.

Arrive back in the U.S. this morning and connect to your flights back home.

Professional Participants - As this Nanda Journey is focused primarily on professional development, costs associated with your participation on the program may be tax deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense. Consult with a tax professional to determine eligibility.

Please note: All itineraries are subject to change based on availability of hotels, flights and hosting organizations at the time of finalization of booking. Comparable meetings and activities will be arranged should an itinerary change be necessary. 30 days before departure, a finalized itinerary will be available and reflect final details.​​

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Costs to obtain a passport

Exclusively developed professional program in collaboration with Journey leader

International airfare (from designated US gateway city)

Airfare for domestic flight to gateway city

All in-country transportation for the group (including airport transfers)

Accommodations in four to five star hotels

24/7 professional English speaking guide

Individual departure taxes (where applicable)

Fees for all services, most tips and taxes

Professionally led daily program – see itinerary for full details

Travel insurance

Daily breakfast and most lunches & dinner, as specified in the itinerary

10-20 Hours of professional exchanges with counterparts in host  country

Formal and informal meetings with your peers to increase your global knowledge of your profession

Unique insight and knowledge about current issues and challenges related to your profession

24-hour support from US Nanda Journeys office and in-country support

Partnerships in every country to which we travel

Tanzania: Dar es Salaam, Arusha & Ngorongoro Crater | 11 days | November 3-13, 2018 | $6,699

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The camp is located in the east central Serengeti and an ideal location for this time of year. The herds have just returned from the northern and western areas of the Serengeti and they are moving freely in the vast central Serengeti plains. The female wildebeest are pregnant but won’t be ready to drop their calves until the middle of January. The big herds will be moving for grass and water and following rain clouds. If you enjoy stargazing it is one of the most incredibly beautiful areas to see the vastness of the night sky with civilization being so far away so there is absolutely zero light pollution to interrupt your view.

Inclusions: Gratuities, meals and accommodations including a boxed dinner on Nov 15 to take to the airport, flight from Serengeti back to Arusha, all park, camp and concession fees in the Serengeti as well as the entry fee for Olduvai Gorge, all game drives with private vehicle(s)/guide(s) and unlimited daily mileage on all game drives. Bottled water, soft drinks and snacks in the vehicles on game drives plus bottled water at Sametu Camp. Complimentary WiFi at Sametu Camp plus porterage at Sametu Camp.

Not Included: Additional beverages at the camp and tips to porters in Arusha.


Tanzania: Serengeti | 4 days |  November 12-15, 2018 | $2,799