Mental Health Journey to Israel, Palestine & Jordan

Journey Leader: ​Dr. Tom Barrett

Travel Dates: January 6-16, 2024

Holistic Nursing and Healthcare Journey to Ireland

Journey Leader: Carole-Ann Drick

Travel Dates: September 16-24, 2023

Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology & Healthcare Journey to Israel, Palestine & Jordan

Journey Leader: Dr. Elise Davis-McFarland

Travel Dates: ​October 7-17, 2023

Music Education Journey to Greece  

Journey Leader: ​Dr. Lynn Brinckmeyer

Travel Dates: June 12-22, 2023

Journey of Purpose and Discovery: Immersive journeys with a behind the scenes feel

Our Journeys of Purpose and Discovery allow travelers to truly become immersed in the local culture. Imagine engaging in conversation over a home-cooked meal, participating in a cooking class, learning about cultural heritage from local community members and supporting a community project! Our goal is to ensure you engage with communities and people to get a true sense of the country you are visiting. Don’t worry, you won’t miss any of the iconic, ‘must see’ locations…but we can assure you they won’t be the highlight! Nanda Journeys is committed to sustainable travel experiences. We engage with local businesses to ensure your travel dollars stay in the local community.

Education Journey to Ireland

Journey Leader: Patricia A. Edwards

Travel Dates: June 12-23, 2023

Journey of Purpose & Discovery: Greece 

Leader: ​Nicola Balmain

Dates: May 23 - June 3, 2023

Healthcare and Medical Systems Journey to Greece  

Journey Leader: ​Dr. Jay Popp

Travel Dates: September 27 - October 7, 2023

Includes 8-10

NCPD Hours 

Journey of Purpose & Discovery: Israel/Palestine 

Leader: ​Butch Ferguson

Dates: May 4-14, 2023

Career Enrichment: Building global connections
As the World is getting smaller and the need to have strong networks and connections globally increases, what better way to enhance your career or simply stay involved if you are retired, than taking a Nanda Journey. Our Journeys are designed to enhance both your personal and professional life all at once. Share your professional knowledge with the world and learn from your global counterparts. Nanda Journeys offers itineraries in the following professions: Medicine, Law, Education, Business, Science & Technology. As our career enrichment journeys are focused primarily on professional development, costs associated with your participation may be tax deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense. Consult with a tax professional to determine eligibility. Several journeys also include continuing education credits for healthcare professionals.


Library & Information Systems Journey to Guatemala 

Journey Leader: ​Camila Alire

Travel Dates: November 11 - 19, 2023

Journey of Purpose & Discovery: Ireland

Leader: ​Dr. Lynn Brinckmeyer

Dates: October 6-15, 2023

Dental Health Journey to Thailand 

Journey Leader: ​Dr. Marcio daFonseca

Travel Dates: October 20-30, 2023

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Diabetes Education, Nutrition and Healthcare Journey to India

Journey Leader: Malinda Peeples

Travel Dates: ​October 21-30, 2023 

Speech-Language Journey to Peru

Journey Leader: ​Dr. Dolores Battle

Travel Dates: ​June 24 - July 2 2023

Culture and Healthcare India

Journey Leader: ​Dr. Evette Wilson, DNP, RN

Travel Dates: December 27, 2023 - January 7, 2024

Ireland Law

Travel for People with Purpose & Passion

Nanda Journeys offers theme-focused trips to global destinations that speak to your interests, bringing together travelers with purpose and passion to explore the world in an meaningful way. Our journeys are designed to allow you an opportunity to truly connect with the people, communities, culture, and heritage of the destination you are visiting. Choose from our professional development journeys in Medicine, Law, Education, Business, Science & Technology, and the Arts/Humanities which combine professional networking and collaboration with cultural immersion. Several journeys include continuing education credits specific to the journey's professional focus. Or choose from one of our Journeys of Purpose and Discovery which takes you behind the scenes to experience what life is like in another country. Or lets us create a bespoke private journey just for you - Where will you go? 



A Journey of Purpose & Discovery: Gorilla treking and cultural immersion

Journey Leader: ​Nicola Balmain

Travel Dates: June 1-10 2024 - 3 Spots Remaining

A Journey of Purpose & Discovery: GREECE

Journey Leader: ​Lori Greenwood

Travel Dates: June 2023 - COMING SOON

Medical & Healthcare Journey to Sri Lanka

Journey Leader: Rebecca Dean

Travel Dates: ​November 6-14, 2023 - NEW DATES

"I have led groups organized and run by the Nanda staff for over 10 years. These trips are unique. I and the other participants are always amazed by the staff's ability to fit rich, informative professional interchange and visits along with the highlights of the country into the under-two-week timeframe ideal for busy professionals. We meet the directors of major clinical facilities, educational institutions, and public policy. They are invariably delighted to maintain contact after we return home."

Nada L Stotland - MD, MPH
Nanda Journeys Leader



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Mayans, Mountains, and Medicine:  Guatemala

Journey Leader: Dr. Stuart Seides

Travel Dates: October 28 - November 5, 2023

A Journey of Purpose & Discovery: Gorilla treking and cultural immersion

Journey Leader: ​Dr. Lynn Brinckmeyer

Travel Dates: July 31 - August 9, 2024

Introduction to Healthcare & Medical Systems Journey to Peru

Journey Leader: Rebecca Dean

Travel Dates: ​May 21 - 29, 2023 

Nursing & Healthcare Journey to Ireland 

Journey Leader: Dr. Carol Huston

Travel Dates: June 3-11, 2023

Journey of Purpose & Discovery: Bhutan Photo Workshop 

Leader: ​Mark Edward Harris

Dates: April 16-26, 2023

Mental Health Journey to Iceland

Journey Leader: ​Dr. Thomas Barrett

Travel Dates: August 20-27 2023


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Rule of Law and Road to Peace - Ireland

Journey Leader: Richard Pena

Travel Dates: ​October 6 -14, 2023